2013 Charleston International Film Festival – Why is it important to attend?


The 2013 Charleston International Film Festival will be help April 24th – 28th 2013 in Charleston, South Carolina.

2013 Charleston International Film Festival – Program Guide

Why is it important to attend?

Film has a responsibility to bring social awareness to its viewers. We are a country rich in culture and proud of the individual freedoms we are given. Many of us are unaware of the cultural and moral differences that are understood and accepted around the world. Film has an obligation, through its passion and commitment to share a message of awareness and education. It also strives to promote discussion and bring our own personal passions to a higher level.

This year’s Charleston International Film Festival will:

  • Introduce us to Willy Grunch who thinks only about love, guitars and snails
  • Explore a daughters search for her father in World War II
  • Show the effects of a plague in a small village
  • Examine how photography can open the world up to a whole new meaning through the lens
  • Show how a young girl tries to save her family without a word spoken in this silent short
  • Let us into the wonder of underground caves and all its beauty and majesty
  • Tell a remarkable story of three early 20th century baseball players and their journey through life
  • Film1

  • Have you meet a young girl, who on the night of her graduation will begin a new life of challenge and decisions that will affect her life forever
  • Love will finds its way from the screen to you while divorce will hit home for many
  • Bring you to the heart of Nicaragua where disease is spreading
  • Show us who is the man behind the clown make up
  • Uncover a conspiracy
  • Put us face to face behind the man behind Catch Me If You Can
  • Lets us ask questions to the man that produced the Oscar winning film Argo
  • Answer the question, what would happen if you were caught in the middle of 70 million dollars?


These stories, all remarkable in their own way will take you to:

  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Hungary
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France

There will be East Coast Premieres, South Carolina and a few World Premiere events


Why is it important that you attend this years Charleston International Film Festival?

  • Blocks are only $10.00 / VIP access to all shorts, longs, animation and after event activities is only $129.99
  • This is a unique cultural event for all ages that will make you think long after you leave the theater
  • This is the only event that offers a world perspective through the magic of film
  • There is a remarkable group of actors, writers, directors, staff and volunteers who have poured their hearts and time into bringing the very best in film from around the world
  • It is a memorable experience that is entertaining, educational and critically provoking

It is an honor to share in the arts and be a part of such a collective endeavor of this size and magnitude.

Whether you attend one block of films or several, you will walk away looking at life in a different way.

Festivals are meant to entertain, but in a rare instance, they can change you.

Purchase Your Tickets Today

You can also visit the festival ticket office at 556 King Street daily for tickets or information.

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