True Companion – Original Poem


Will you be my true companion?
Will you grow old with me and more beautiful with each passing day?
Will you let me discover you with each new sunrise?

You are the blessing hidden deep in my prayers
The person I want to become
The angel from high above

Will you be my true companion?

Words cannot express my love
Songs cannot translate the music in my head

In an instant a world changed
One glimmer of light and you appeared
From the darkness to enlightenment you found me

A lost puppy in a sea of flowers I wandered
Smelling the sweet nectar of a perfect world
A perfect world without meaning; without promise; without direction

Then there was you in the distance

Will you be my true companion?


Destiny is written in the stars
Your soul next to mine high in the cosmos
In that field filled with the fruits of temptation I am grounded by you

A presence so powerful, yet so quiet and subtle
You awakened a sense left dormant by denial
An energy flourishing in the midst of your perfection

Will you be my true companion?

In you, I have found myself
In you, I will forever love

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