Myth of Eternity – Original Poem

Picture 828

I can promise you life in this infinite blackness of eternal salvation

Six feet under is an illusion resting high above the bed of clouds bleeding out the blood of the divine being created by the myth of a prophet

This gate of acceptance judges in a home without judgement

Who determines life’s value?
Without value lies limitless uncertainty

Vulnerable to the unknown, we wait in fear
We drown our faith in a bottle and visualize Heaven in a trip induced by the natural herb bore from Earth’s soil

Now we are at peace; if but for a temporary moment; an isolated instance


The devil is real; Earth is his playground and we the puppets

Laughing at our misery
Counting on our greed
Thirsting for our death

Secrets exposed
Regret surfaced
Love poisoned in a pool of waste

This is the myth of happiness
Welcome to the reality of a journey of worn out souls
Sailing for a land with none in site


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