No Mistakes – Original Poem


There are no mistakes in love
It is a conscious choice surrounded by consequence and reaping with thorns in its path

We don’t need to be rescued or found just led in the direction of happiness

I stand alone but never lonely
Lying in the darkness illuminated by the whisper of candlelight, I see promise
Promise gift wrapped in hope

Regrets are created by those that have given up and manifested in song by the broken hearted
Love it a risk with the highest reward
Blessed with kindness and bled with pain

There are no mistakes
There are no bad decisions
There is no turning bad

We often forget the reality because we want to be trapped in the dream


Another winter is upon us
Cold, wet and surrounded by a storm of thought
Deeper and deeper we slip into the bottom of the ocean
Fighting to breathe

At the final moment when the last breath is near a calm is found
It is the moment of pure enlightenment
A single second when balance is upon us and the future is clear

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