Farewell to Home – Original Poem


All these songs a reflection of the past
These walls echo the words of my childhood

Laughter through the cracks
Tears hidden in the shadows

It is a time of passing
A time of reflection
A time of evaluation of the decisions, the paths, the results of a life held together by brick and concrete

I was five years old without a worry; without a care; with a life time playing in the musical box of imagination inside my head

At ten a new world opened up but home in the corner of my eye

Soon, the wind passed the years of adolescence like the school bus along the main street

I walked away with a kiss and a tear to explore the unknown

With a family picture in the back of my pocket; a constant reminder of the safety of home


Always there; close

Like a brilliant magic trick, innocence disappeared not to be surfaced again for many years

Now thousands of miles worn on my face, I return to say goodbye

Goodbye to home
Goodbye to my first steps
First skin of the knee
First kiss
First proud moment

The picture remains
My face growing through the years
The same pose, the same smile, a new notch of life etched in a wrinkle

Laying on the grass one last time and looking to the stars I am thankful and confused

No longer will these rooms be mine
No longer will I walk through this door
No longer will I call this home.


As I walk around the each room and hallway, hollow and still, I can hear millions of footsteps complimented with the voice of my mother, father and siblings. Laughing and playing with music in the background. It all rushed back to me now.

With a fond farewell, I lock up the memories for another time; walk out the front door and open the door to a new chapter


A Compassionate Journey with Priscilla – Original Poem


I held you close that cold November evening.

Alone in the country with nothing but the sound of your heart comforting me.

Stillness in the air; darkness all around

I was at peace with you and  myself

You awaken me after a long restless sleep

A long journey through the chamber of lost opportunity, romantic plot lines dancing through my head and the hope of falling in the field, looking up and seeing a love before my eyes.


It was you that defined these words of love and forever changed me

A nurturer; a mother; a passionate breath of air

In your eyes, the laughter of children filled the days

In your heart a sensual serenity filled the nights



It was you that unlocked the key to a heart that forgot to feel; forgot to yearn; forgot to savor the feeling that words or actions cannot comprehend

Earth had an angel for me and she slipped through this fragile grasp

I held on too hard; I let go too soon

Forever I am changed

Forever I will love her

Forever I will remember that tiny path of time on the course of life’s journey where I found a girl, she smiled, I fell in love  and held her alone in the fields of cotton watching the stars spell out our story

For this is a story of love gained and lost; yet never forgotten



Are Recruiters Missing the Train of Change


You don’t have to be in the Talent Acquisition space to know the canvas of recruitment is evolving faster than most other professions.   The tools and resources available to network, identify talent, grow networks and manage referrals are tremendously effective and readily available.  If you have had your business savvy hat on while enjoying a latte watching the stock market ticker, you will see that LinkedIn has been leading the way among the social media stocks. Their future looks bright and the numbers and enhancements to the platform support that.

As talent acquisition professionals, are we getting on the train to transition or waiting at the station for the slower traditional horse drawn train to come later on?

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a post recession recruiter, you don’t have to do much research to see that the workforce has changed:

  • There is a shift from an employees market to an employers market
  • Pay for performance is taking on a more critical role and traditional merit increases are flat lining
  • Less opportunities are available
  • More specific and defined skill sets are required for professional opportunities
  • Virtual employment is becoming a more cost effective option
  • Technological savvy skills are not longer just a “nice to have”
  • Targeted research and marketing campaigns are not just identifying the talent, but providing a complete profile of the individual to match them against the culture of the organization.
  • Strong candidates are being aggressively sought out while the less qualified are trying the “throw it and see what sticks approach”
  • Some see the employment numbers as grim; while others see great opportunity
  • Recruiters are no longer “processing” candidates; they are understanding the role, team, the culture and the challenges and matching them against the best talent to meet the needs of the role.

So, why would I say that recruiters are missing the train of change?

There are a number of wonderful tools for strategic sourcing, networking, developing and harnessing talent networks, managing candidate flow and marketing/outreach.  We are anointed with more tools than ever before and yet we are wasting all this great opportunity.


What are we doing wrong?

  • We are not developing and leveraging our personal brand.  How many LinkedIn profiles are either bland and boring or look like they were developed by a greasy haired used car salesman?
  • Too many recruiters are on the “big” social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) yet ignoring the little gems.  Do you have an About.me profile? (about.me/recruiterpoet).  If not, you need to.
  • We are still afraid of the risk.  If a platform is new or not yet established as an accepted tool, we will not take the chance and determine its value.  We wait for Mashable or several large companies to test the waters first.  I jumped on the scalability of Bullhorn Reach from day one because it had a great development team, management team and partnerships with the large social platforms.  That turned out to be a invaluable resource for myself, my team and the industry.
  • Recruiters do not effectively measure or understand the process behind analytics.  Metrics are the key to any successful campaign.  Understanding the numbers, tracking trends and developing effective strategy implementation based on projected outcome is essential in our space.
  • Are we leveraging the networks to the fullest extent?  I am not sure we are.  How many skill specific circles do you have on your Google+ account?  How many regional or skill groups do you belong to on Facebook?  Are you a member of 50 groups in LinkedIn and do you rotate membership to diversify your reach?  Are you using sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon or Slideshare to brand your roles and company image?
  • We are not communicating in the social space.  We feed jobs out like a Pez dispenser, but how many are talking to the candidates.  I see talent acquisition folks are talking to each other on Twitter and sending sound bites from conferences, but shouldn’t we be talking and engaging with the candidates?

I am not proposing that traditional cold calling, networking and relationship building will vanish in the near future.  I certainly hope it never does.  I am witnessing a resistance or lack of understanding of the capability and value the social space brings to recruitment.  If social space wasn’t so critical to our roles, the phrase “Social Recruiting” would not have been coined.


We are only tapping the iceberg of potential.  I didn’t even reference the future of mobile technology in recruiting yet and for purposes of focus on this piece I will not, but if we don’t all board the train soon, we are going to be missing out on a great ride.

Last Night – Original Poem


Last night, I dreamed I held you in my arms
The feeling was infinite
You melted into my arms so seamlessly

Last night, I dreamed of walking the sandy beach arm in arm; warm sunlight reflecting off your golden hazel eyes.

It was a perfect dream with a cast of two, a script without words but full of emotion

It was in you I saw the better me
It was in you I found the answer to the mystery of love discovered
It was in you a new beginning was found

From dream to reality, my journey is on a path to your heart


Last night, I saw a silhouette in the window with the outline of your curves
I could hear your voice in the wind
I could feel your presence touching my skin
A slight moisture in the air resting on my lips.
Did you kiss me?
Did I imagine this feeling?

Last night my fantasy and reality become one

You are are my true love.
Last night I knew