Last Night – Original Poem


Last night, I dreamed I held you in my arms
The feeling was infinite
You melted into my arms so seamlessly

Last night, I dreamed of walking the sandy beach arm in arm; warm sunlight reflecting off your golden hazel eyes.

It was a perfect dream with a cast of two, a script without words but full of emotion

It was in you I saw the better me
It was in you I found the answer to the mystery of love discovered
It was in you a new beginning was found

From dream to reality, my journey is on a path to your heart


Last night, I saw a silhouette in the window with the outline of your curves
I could hear your voice in the wind
I could feel your presence touching my skin
A slight moisture in the air resting on my lips.
Did you kiss me?
Did I imagine this feeling?

Last night my fantasy and reality become one

You are are my true love.
Last night I knew

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