A Compassionate Journey with Priscilla – Original Poem


I held you close that cold November evening.

Alone in the country with nothing but the sound of your heart comforting me.

Stillness in the air; darkness all around

I was at peace with you and  myself

You awaken me after a long restless sleep

A long journey through the chamber of lost opportunity, romantic plot lines dancing through my head and the hope of falling in the field, looking up and seeing a love before my eyes.


It was you that defined these words of love and forever changed me

A nurturer; a mother; a passionate breath of air

In your eyes, the laughter of children filled the days

In your heart a sensual serenity filled the nights



It was you that unlocked the key to a heart that forgot to feel; forgot to yearn; forgot to savor the feeling that words or actions cannot comprehend

Earth had an angel for me and she slipped through this fragile grasp

I held on too hard; I let go too soon

Forever I am changed

Forever I will love her

Forever I will remember that tiny path of time on the course of life’s journey where I found a girl, she smiled, I fell in love  and held her alone in the fields of cotton watching the stars spell out our story

For this is a story of love gained and lost; yet never forgotten



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