Breathe In, Breathe Out – Original Poem


Breathe in; Breathe out
We all fall down
We all bleed

Time is a journey fueled by the desire for life

Lying in bed, I hear the trains pass in the night
Cheers of excitement resonate from the cars as a new adventure begins over the horizon with a new sunrise peeking from the valley

I, alone, lie in the darkness and wonder
Wonder what went right; reap in sadness over decisions soaked in the blood of regret

I breathe in deeper
The body aches from a lifetime of anxiety penetrating deeper and deeper with each passing day

I’m drowning in a pool of concrete pressured from the heat of the rising sun
I, in a moment of desperation retract


Resist the calls of friends near and far
Avoid the risk of a better life

I let the blood drip from my pores covering the floors with a bath of my own sorrow

It hurts
Not the bones, nor muscles but the thinking

It hurts so much now
I want the voices to stop.
Voices of childhood; voices of elderly now clashing

Time is taking over with power of eternal strength in its corner
The bell rings and the fight begins


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