E.T. Text Home – The Times They Are A’ Changin


Life has changed significantly in our lifetimes.

With technology bringing the infrastructure of the globe closer together, culturally, we seem to be showing signs of becoming more distant. Intimacy is numb, the ability to connect and share is lost and we are moving down the road of loneliness, alienation and depression.

How did we get to this point of being alone in the forest lost with no direction home?

I think it is time we look at some of the signs that human connection is a thing of the past. More importantly, will your neighbor be a robotic prototype in the near future?

  • You call a friend up on the phone.  They do not answer, but a few minutes later they text, “What’s up?”
  • You meet a girl/guy at a bar, become Facebook friends after a few minutes of talking and then never hang out again
  • You have a great interview and then send a quick email saying “Thanks” instead of writing a letter or card
  • You ask for an endorsement on a professional network even though you have never met or worked together
  • You meet online and instead of talking on the phone and getting to know each other, you set up a first date a week later and if the connection is not there, you just ignore it away instead of talking about the differences
  • You can’t get together with your friends unless it is a formal Facebook event
  • If you want to talk to your children in the next room, you have to text them
  • A dinner out among friends or a significant other is not complete until the mobile phone is placed right next to the fork and knife
  • Working from home is starting to replace working in an office
  • Team building is a Google hangout, not a picnic or outing
  • E-Cards are more common than greeting cards
  • A hand written letter is something you have to look up on Wikepedia to learn more about
  • Reality is sitting home watching a scripted show about other people’s lives
  • text2

  • A romantic night in is a candle app, music on the IPod and reading on the Kindle
  • An act of kindness, heroism or generosity is not complete unless it is a YouTube video
  • Saying “I love you” is more apt to make you run away than run closer
  • When was the last time you “touched” a picture?
  • We choose to check our email and Facebook in the morning before we pee
  • Our lives are measured by the amount of virtual friends and virtual  posts we get on our birthday
  • How often to we even check our mailbox anymore?

I am ashamed at what we are becoming.  I still believe in a hug, a great conversation, a letter in the mail and a long walk without the need to carry a phone.


I believe our purpose in life is to make connections and share our lives with others.

Maybe I am the minority opinion in this debate, I am still going to continue to fight for the way it used to be.

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