When Fantasy and Reality Collide – Original Poem


In the confusion of life, we miss opportunity

We live for a moment, but how many of us define the moment in which we wait

Sunrise comes
Sunset falls

Another day; another dream; another thought passing into the night

In the song, we hear another speak of our dreams
In the prayer, we hear the spirits guiding our lives

In this time; this moment; this solitary spot we are trapped in the waiting room secure in the room of hesitation secure in our minds

The road of risk is dark and cold
Filled with evil laughter and impending danger
Coated with thorns

Forces pulling from the front giving resistance
Can you feel the power from within, persuading the senses?

Open your eyes wide
See the world you only visualized in your head during limited nightly runs in the theater of dreams.


Now is the time to realize the fantasy and reality must collide

The illusion of happiness can only touch your heart if you open yourself up to the fall

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