My Home, My Love – Original Poem


You fuel the passion of my dreams

Your lips, a gateway to the soul
Your body, my home

Sailing off into the life you have created for us on this life canvas
Colors rich in tone and texture
Layers of complexity washed away with the gentle stroke of your brush

You are an artist and I your muse
You are my inspiration for salvation and hope

I lay under the stars, you head rested on my warm chest
No blanket, no roof, no foundation

This is my home
With you in my arms, I have found this place
Hidden for years under the lies
The truth was only what I allowed myself to see
Always beside me, always in my thoughts


I knew you, years before our eyes met
Years before the first kiss
Years before I loved you

I knew you as a vision of beauty
A spirit blowing in the wind

I knew you, as you were painted on the canvas that created all my dreams

In you, I am home
Forever safe

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