I am everyone…I am hope – Original Poem


I am black
I am white
I am gay
I am straight
I am woman
I am man

I am me

I bleed onto this Earth we trash with ignorance and selfish pride
I cut on the thorns of negativity
I morn for the sins of mankind

I rejoice in the hope of a land guided by the principles of peace written on the doctrine of humanity and governed by actions of kindness

The reality of the past; the anticipation of the future are all a myth written in the words of the now

Drop the feast of sinful thought
Live off the famine of the simplicity of this cherished life


To breathe, an honor we are all given

To laugh
To love
To feel
The truest of all gifts

Let go of morally corrupt thought saturated in the storage box in your brain
Unleash your soul and let it fly to a better world

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