Power of Positive Thinking in the Workplace and How to Get There


The workplace is a challenging space filled with aggressive behavior, greed, agendas and red tape. It can take the best of intentions and drive them right into the ground. The separation of wealth grows larger, the loyalty factor becomes blurred and moral integrity comes into question often. Still, we continue to spend a significant portion of our lives in the workplace. Some for survival, some for challenge and even others for a sense of value.

Are we happy each and every day you step out of the house and make your way to the office, store, lemonade stand, farm or any other location you call work?

I think the key to a successful career is positive thinking and in order to achieve a level of balance and satisfaction in the workplace you need to begin by identifying your core goals of employment and the culture that helps you thrive.

Type of Workplace and Culture:

  • What is your motivator? (Financial, working from home, teamwork, challenging work, chance to innovate, managing others, etc.)  Once you identify the reason you choose to work, you can focus on achieving your goals.
  • What type of culture motivates you and keeps your passion and energy level high?  (Do you like to skateboard to work?  Do you like a conservative quiet office? Do you love team outings? Are you a mover or prefer a desk all day?)
  • Do you prefer routine or change?
  • Are you a leader or a contributor?
  • Do you want to be around others or alone?
  • Do you want to work in a small intimate setting or a large global arena?
  • Do you want to feel like you make a difference or just contribute to the flow?


Setting Goals: (This part is often challenging for many.  Many of us set annual goals toward our bonus, but are these true tests of your ability and accomplishments or a necessary evil to get by so you get that nice check at the end of the year?)  Setting goals should be often and focused.

  • Set weekly or monthly goals that give you a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and even a little adrenaline.
  • Always think like a project manager.  Set milestones, set goals and monitor progress of your achievements.
  • Reward yourself.  Don’t always rely on kudos or gift cards to show you have completed a successful endeavor.  Know in your heart you did something “great”.
  • Build on each result to strive for something bigger.

Be yourself:

  • You need to be comfortable in your own skin to be in a positive place.  You can’t be someone else to impress or fit in.  Being yourself will make you happy and ultimately satisfied with everything you say and do in the workplace.

Think Positive; Act Positive; Be Positive

  • Attitude is 90% of feeling and action (Yes I made that statistic up on the spot).  If you have energy, passion, motivation and feel good about yourself, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.  Take that positive embrace of life with you to work every day and you will never be dissatisfied at the end.
  • think3

There you have it, the manifest for positive thinking in the workplace.

Take a moment to reflect on these ideas and guidelines and I think you will start to see work in a whole new light.

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