Buddy and Me – Original Poem


*This is about a woman and her love for her kayak – It is a little campy but fun

Buddy and Me

Buddy and me are like two peas
Side by side on the open seas

Buddy is my bestie

He always lets me be on top
And always gets me wet until I stop

Buddy is quiet and oh so caring
He awakens my senses and makes me a little daring

Buddy is yellow and keeps me mellow

Picture 2020

I love to watch the sun set with my Buddy

He loves me even though I make him sleep outside


Treat Every Day of Your Marriage As If You Were Single


Think back to the week before a first date.

You meet this woman and she seems incredible.  Beautiful blue eyes, sparkling smile, soft inviting voice and totally out of your league, but she said yes.  She wants to have dinner with you and you know it has to be perfect.  Now you start the preparation for this big first date.

What do you wear?

Where should you take her?

How many more workouts do I need so I look good?

Should I get a haircut?

I hope I have a good razor blade because I have to look sharp or maybe I should go a little rugged.

What should we talk about?  I want to keep her engaged, but don’t want to ask all the generic questions.

It is now the night of the fated first date.  You put on a great outfit and then change three more times.  You look in the mirror about ten times before you walk out the door.  You apply the cologne while you get dressed and then once more before you walk out the door.  Brush your teeth very thoroughly.  You pop about five breath mints because clearly one isn’t enough for tonight even though you just brushed your teeth.  You look around to make sure the car is clean and take out the crazy hardcore CD you had in the player and put on some smooth sounds.  Everything is ready.  Wait, you need to check your face one more time to make sure you didn’t miss any spots shaving.  Now all is perfect.  You drive up to her place, get out of the car, tuck in your shirt again, suck in the gut, take a deep breath and begin…

That is an exhilarating moment, isn’t it?

When we think about how much time and energy we put into our hygiene and appearance for a date, it is almost shocking, but still refreshing.

Yet, for many in the “comfort” of marriage, the idea of fitness, nutrition, wellness and excitement takes a back seat to routine, laziness and lack of “caring” about one self.


Why does that happen?

Let us look at a few possibilities:

  • Security – You are keenly aware that you will have that person to come home to every day for the rest of your life.  There is no cat and mouse chase so you can put the racing shoes away knowing you will catch her every night.
  • Many marriages fall into a pattern of routine.  You come home from work the same time, watch the same weekly shows, order in the same food and even have the same intimacy patterns.
  • Marriage becomes more of a partnership with responsibility taking over the power of adventure.  Budgets are more important, planning families and maintaining a higher sense of responsibility are the key prerogatives.
  • “It is supposed to be this way” – As you get older, a majority have a perception that we should be married, living in the suburbs, two children, two dogs, a white picket fence, dual income and dinner on the table at six every night.
  • It is easy.  Having a set pattern of living is easy and comforting.  Life is hard enough, so why not create certain elements that are constant that will always be there for you.
  • It is no longer about you.  We believe and I do not disagree, that marriage is a partnership of shared interests and responsibilities.  That makes us busier, maybe even too busy to go to the gym, cook a little healthier or run instead of watching television.  Think about it.  When you first met your husband or wife, you wanted to look good for them.  The same principle still applies.
  • You stop pursuing your dreams.  This one is critical.  Life becomes more focused on survival than ambition.  Many dreams take risk and marriage has a way of minimizing risk.  The paycheck will always win out over the dream adventure.

This is a wake up call to all the couples stuck in a rut.  We are all getting older one day at a time.  As a curious youth, our energy level and ambition was infinite.  The world was anything we wanted it to be.  As we bloomed into sexual aware and passionate teenagers and adults, that curiosity took on new meaning as we dove into the forest in the pursuit of the almighty attraction.  Most importantly, we never settled.

Somewhere along the line, we all became aging turtles that no longer looked back and remembered that time long ago.

It is time to change and find the long lost roots of ambition and excitement.

Look in the mirror.  Are you happy where you are?  Do you want to change?  Do you want to dream?  Do you want to be physically and mentally fit, challenging and pushing yourself to be a better you?  I have to believe more of us feel that way and are just afraid of the effort and the risk.

Life is a gift.

It is filled with uncertainty and even a great deal of pain and suffering.  Yet, it is also filled with magic and reward.


Remember these few things:

  • Remember why you fell in love
  • Remember what it was about him/her that made you have butterflies inside
  • Remember how much effort you put in to impress this person
  • Remember how much you wanted to be the best person in the world for them
  • Remember the ache you had when they weren’t around
  • Remember the exhilaration you felt with each kiss and touch of their skin
  • Remember that desire to be romantic and spontaneous

Find that again.  Find that and you will find a new love each and every day of your marriage.

Friends To Avoid on Facebook


Facebook has become a wonderful tool for global social interaction without actually having to interact. We can check the local weather from friends posting on their drive to work, get the most recent viral videos about crazy cats or dancing old ladies and of course endless online game requests. It clearly is the next stage in our evolutionary development.

There are also key indicators and behavior that give us a better understanding of the types of friends we interact with and there are some “friends” you want to avoid.

Here are a few clear signs of Facebook friends you want to avoid in “real” life.

  • The friend that does daily affirmation posts about what they are thankful for. This is a very strong indicator of low self-esteem and an individual yearning for acceptance, even in a virtual community.
  • The constant self portrait taker. First, this person has a lot of time to themselves. That could be a big red flag and they continuously post pictures of themselves in the mirror, car, beach or sitting at home. If they need to be their own personal paparazzi for attention, this is an indicator of someone that needs attention constantly.
  • The Constant Game Requester – Just plain annoying. We went through the Atari, Gameboy, Playstation, Xbox and Wii addiction already. It is old and boring.
  • The Foodie – If you feel the obsessive need to take a picture of every meal and describe every ingredient, start a food blog unless you are too lazy to actually put effort into writing.
  • The Check-In Person – The one who checks in to every place they go including but not limited to laundry mats, bakeries, restaurants, work, bus stops, beach, bathrooms, rest stops, airports and grocery stores.  Is there a reason we need to know everywhere you go on a given day?  Does this make your life more important than ours?  Inquiring minds want to know.
  • The “What is everyone doing today” Person – Yes, there are those that have 1000 Facebook friends but need to reach out to everyone to find someone to have brunch with or hang out with.  This could be a big blinking light of “panic”.
  • The Political Activist – Political activism is a good thing.  It is a healthy part of our democratic process.  Facebook gives us the option to write quick and candid posts without thinking through the logic and consequences of the comment.  Sometimes a little too radical can go a long way in the wrong direction.
  • The Bad Mouther – The person that takes every little wrong in life and blames someone publicly on Facebook and typically with a rated “R” dialogue.  That doesn’t need much more explanation.
  • The Facebook Stalker – They are a little harder to detect, but they are constantly checking your status updates.  A few signs you have a Facebook are are 1.  They comment or “like” on most of your posts, 2. Show up randomly at places you have checked into or 3. They start liking things you like on Facebook or adding friends that you are friends with.
  • Pet Profile – This is the person that creates a profile for their pet cat, dog, hamster, gerbil or other little furry creature.  Some give them human characteristics and some disguise it as their own profile to avoid others knowing about their deviant lifestyle.  Either way, a little weird.

There you have it.


Your personal guide to the people you should avoid on Facebook.

Print it out.

Bookmark it,

Put it in your wallet and use it often as a reference.

Goodbye Apathy, Hello Life – Original Life


I want to wake up from this dream and live again.
The closer I get to the light, the more darkness fills my soul
I have been filling my days halfway between existence and this black hole of unanswered questions
Millions and billions lingering in the glimmer of the stars
Close enough to touch, but too far to feel

All I see is a window with my own reflection and a backdrop of white walls cut up by life’s cruel joke
bleeding blackness

Am I gone?
Am I hanging on to a purpose?
Have I passed the test?
Do I even belong?

All these questions screaming in my head, every night
I drown them in the pity of a clear glass of numbness
It helps with the pain

Each day a thousand years pass
Each moment, endless and still


I want to feel the blood dripping from my damaged wrists
Someday I hope this one prayer finds an ear and is returned with a blessing

I want to love this life again
I want to watch a clock tick and feel the sound of my heartbeat

The Night Will Break Your Heart – Original Poem


The night will break your heart
She will destroy your will with the romance of the moonlight
Once wild and free; now wilted and confused

The night washes dreams ashore with the tide
Has you on your knees praying for more
Screaming to the moon for relief

Reaching for the stars, praying for life and wasting away in hopes of a better tomorrow
This world is tearing itself to pieces and sinking into the massive beast engulfing all we believe

Breathing the words of the messengers from heaven
Looking for answers in the fountain pen of prophets, translating the almighty word

I am holding on with a broken heart
Hoping for salvation from a life I did not choose
I want to sit outside heaven’s door and hear the breath of angels comfort me in this time of need

All I see are shadows fading as the dark clouds move into alignment in a careless flow

We are alone, but alone together


Don’t let me go.
We need each other
We need to survive as one to salvage this storm

In this night, we are blind
If we light the candle inside our hearts, we can once again see the light

Fair Nikki – Original Poem


In the distance, behind the mist, I can feel her approach

Each day a reminder of the miles that separate

I feel the first of many long slow wet deep kisses penetrate through my body

This fantasy, soon  a reality

The wait, soon to be gone

A vision of beauty elegant and soft; warm and sensitive

She has the power to illuminate darkness and a love powerful enough to overcome a mountain of fear

She is a lover; a mother; a daughter; a survivor

She has prayed for light in the seclusion of darkness

Found truth in a sea of lies and scripts the answers to all my questions

My reason to spring to life with each rising sun and rest in comfort under the moonlight is in her eyes

Fair Nikki, find shelter in these arms

Know a world awaits you on this bed of clouds covered in roses as a reminder of my devotion

Your weary body cannot lay on this cloud

No more tears

No more worries


It is your time to shine; your time to give unconditionally with the reward of a love so pure

I have found you

Walking away for too long

It took a long look behind me to see what was right before my eyes

Today I stand before you with a promise

Each day will be full of wonder, love, devotion and a reminder of the beauty you bring to the world

You are the piece that completes me and I want to continue my journey down the path of life side by side