Fair Nikki – Original Poem


In the distance, behind the mist, I can feel her approach

Each day a reminder of the miles that separate

I feel the first of many long slow wet deep kisses penetrate through my body

This fantasy, soon  a reality

The wait, soon to be gone

A vision of beauty elegant and soft; warm and sensitive

She has the power to illuminate darkness and a love powerful enough to overcome a mountain of fear

She is a lover; a mother; a daughter; a survivor

She has prayed for light in the seclusion of darkness

Found truth in a sea of lies and scripts the answers to all my questions

My reason to spring to life with each rising sun and rest in comfort under the moonlight is in her eyes

Fair Nikki, find shelter in these arms

Know a world awaits you on this bed of clouds covered in roses as a reminder of my devotion

Your weary body cannot lay on this cloud

No more tears

No more worries


It is your time to shine; your time to give unconditionally with the reward of a love so pure

I have found you

Walking away for too long

It took a long look behind me to see what was right before my eyes

Today I stand before you with a promise

Each day will be full of wonder, love, devotion and a reminder of the beauty you bring to the world

You are the piece that completes me and I want to continue my journey down the path of life side by side

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