The Night Will Break Your Heart – Original Poem


The night will break your heart
She will destroy your will with the romance of the moonlight
Once wild and free; now wilted and confused

The night washes dreams ashore with the tide
Has you on your knees praying for more
Screaming to the moon for relief

Reaching for the stars, praying for life and wasting away in hopes of a better tomorrow
This world is tearing itself to pieces and sinking into the massive beast engulfing all we believe

Breathing the words of the messengers from heaven
Looking for answers in the fountain pen of prophets, translating the almighty word

I am holding on with a broken heart
Hoping for salvation from a life I did not choose
I want to sit outside heaven’s door and hear the breath of angels comfort me in this time of need

All I see are shadows fading as the dark clouds move into alignment in a careless flow

We are alone, but alone together


Don’t let me go.
We need each other
We need to survive as one to salvage this storm

In this night, we are blind
If we light the candle inside our hearts, we can once again see the light

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