A Journey Begins – Original Poem


With the wind at our backs, a cinematic vision of the open road fills our hearts with the thrill of possibility.

Only the land to call home, we plot a path to nowhere

In this vulnerable state, we find strength

Strength of heart
Clarity in sight

The wilderness of life roars
Vicious and fierce
Soft and comforting

She is a kind land
Warms you with the blanket of the sun
Tucks you in with a sky filled with night lights send from millions of miles away

I can see her smiling back with each passing mile
Each sign a teaser

The sun is about to go to sleep in the West
Slowly, the colors of fall disappear into the darkness but the mental image remains

We forge ahead under the leadership of artificial light
Next sign says “rest ahead”
No time
Body weary, but determined
With blood my our eyes I will myself back to a wakened state


The ominous darkness is but a trial in the courtroom of life
Breaking through mahogany doors to welcome the rising sun

A new concrete path paving the way for our marathon journey through life
Sunflowers waiting to quench our thirst

No finish line in sight
Just anticipation

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