The Most Beautiful Thing – Original Poem


You are now
You are here
You are beautiful
An image created in a dream and now before my weary eyes

You take all the bad in me and cleanse it
Break me out of these prison walls I created
Wash away the hate in myself to rediscover love

Practice as I preach
Live as I learn

Now is a time of action
A time to dismiss tears; breathe life and fly

I am done bleeding
I want you to heal me with your touch

I want you
I want to feel again


Feel the ache of missing you
Feel the hope of loving you
I want to hold you until I lose my grip

As I look to the bottom of the cliff, I am not scared

Through the glare of the sun, your face shines and you blow me a kiss

Doves fly in formation manifesting a heart across blue skies
All is perfect
Life has meaning once again

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