Wasted Years – Original Poem


From coast to coast, I travel these empty roads
Filled with dirt, spread like dust, nothing but faded memories behind
Cities with faces so familiar to me; now so distant
Town like shelter for a man lost like me

Letters filled with promises of a future scripted with hope
Those letters now hidden in a box stored in a wet damp place once called home
They speak through the walls, but I am far gone now
Carried on by spirits living in the new world that breathes without a single breath

The water no longer cleanses me
It sends shivers down my spine
My scars grow deeper and my hands shake with time
It’s funny how the laughter ended when the clowns left my childhood

I stopped feeling at the rest stop a long ways back
I left it on the curb for another to have found
Its warmth was now like ice
Its safety now a broken fortress


Now I take this journey alone
Through the darkness then the light
Another day, another town, another face speaking in silent tones

I will not remember you
I will not remember me

I remember to forget each day
Hours turn to minutes
Minutes to seconds
Seconds to blackness

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