Daylight – Original Poem


Fishing for daylight in a sea of darkness
I was once a boy in love with imagination, fueled by the dream and hoping for for magic to fall from the sky

A drop in time are we

Refreshed by the rain
Burned by the lightning

A victim of the eternal sin
A blessing in the arms of a mother
Confused by the unknown
Allowed to imagine in the safety of our minds

Maybe now is our time

Not for salvation
Not for redemption
Not for forgiveness
A time for love

United by the wreath of goodness and unconditional acceptance


The winding roads will straighten
The crashing waves will subside
Light will guide us

This incoherent expression of repressed feeling be gone
Moral numbness starving now fed with the nutrients of the food of life’s delicious nectar

Tears swallowed by laughter and a world of you and I begins with one small step
Love will set us free

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