Bells Ringing – Original Poem


The bells are ringing from the sanctuary inside this decaying head
Churches empty
Chapels dark
Temples remain in ruins

I can’t get over the lives we have led

Over our shoulders we look in fondness
Reaching, in hopes of a repeat down this tunnel

The bells ring beyond the abyss of bright lights

Can you hear them now?
They are getting louder, defining our final destiny

Breathing is a little more difficult now
My eyes fading into the night

Someday I will hold you no more
For so long I refused you
Now, I need you
I long for your touch
To see the lines on your face as you smile my troubles away

Things have changed, yet still the same
The bells remind me of the music I refused to hear


Content alone, I pursued a life of mistakes
More and more I followed a dream manifested by an imagination washed away by reality

Hidden secrets left behind
Buried under the tree of childhood
In a box they will remain for a new generation to fall to shame

The ringing of the bells screech and scream
Soon they will come to a deafening halt

Forever silenced
Forever numb

Still, in this frozen pond
Without feeling, without cause

Action only speeds us to its destination
Waiting only prolongs the pain
Stop this madness spinning deep in my conscious

The bells still ring

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