Scars – Original Poem


Wherever I go, the scars remain
Embedded and tainted on this porcelain skin, rejected by time

These scars run deep, poisoning my blood and infecting my body
Each one a permanent reminder of the remnants of a battleground
Perished and torn
Defeated and reborn

These scars are dirty because they remind us of the purity of birth that is destroyed with the first breath of life

The celebration of life begins the countdown of the decaying path towards the gate of death

These scars remain on this war torn skin
I try to hide them as I press my eyes closed, but I still feel them
Each and every one

She lies next to me, touching them with her gentle fingers
I look away, crying
With tears so dry, she will never know
She will never open the door to the torture I have locked up inside

She wants to feel my scars inside of her
To know the story
To experience the mental longing I feel

The scars tell a story
Each one poignant and sad
The pages turn; the scar remains


A permanent tattoo not welcomed
Not invited
Not leaving

The screaming inside my mind is so loud
With a sharp edge I cut away these scars
Blood flowing over
Cleansing away the imperfection with life’s fluid
Dripping off my body
My vision lacks clarity, but I am free

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