This is the Time – Original Poem


First kiss
The earth shook
Skies open and free

A moment where time froze and our hearts beat so fast like two trains passing in the night

It was magical
It was pure
Childhood dreams become a reality

On the line, our future
At risk, everything

It is dark on this bed of greens under the stars that clarity is seen
In this darkness, I see the light of the future ahead

Hypnotized by your smile, I am weak
Knees shaking, mind at ease

In my arms you rest
I release you
Lay you back down on the ground
Head rested on this pillow of grass

Into that trance, I see all the memories of our past in a slide show of fondness
You saved my life with every frame
You rejuvenated my faith
You quenched my thirst for adventure

You are the inspiration that floods the page with these words
Every word for you.
Every scribe of the pen an ode to your power


Mother provided a shelter
Father, guidance
Awakening, an enlightenment

But you
You are a foundation
A rock
A home

In you, I am everything
To me, you are my everything

I want to dance every moment on this Earth with you.
Together, into the Temple of the Lord we will dance in the clouds for all eternity

The word love is but an entrance to the power of our union
With this kiss, we become one with our mind, our heart, our soul and every breath a deeper union

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