Sleeping Beauty – Original Poem

Your soul is gutted and left in a pile of shattered dreams
Thousands of screaming voices gasping; yearning to be heard; praying to be rescued
All silenced at the moment of numbness

Missing the air you breathe

The colors of the rainbow fade to black and darkness is the new light
Memories of the days of vision are words dusted off the journal of a young girl.
She sees the words, but can no longer feel them
They penetrate the skin and swim in this empty pool of lost desire

Once there was a time when the laughter of children fueled the dreamers
Once there was a time when the sun was the focus point of all energy
Once she felt so much love, it hurt with happiness

Now she watches the world from the outside, spinning on this merry-go-round only to repeat forever the same circle with no end in site


Apathetic and dazed
Paralyzed by the insensitivity we have become
Unconscious and awake
Walking with no direction home

Alone, listless now.  The cup of life is empty

In this desert, she only wants to feel one more time

Do not wake this sleeping beauty.  Pray so that once again she can dream; she can dance

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