A Valentine’s Prayer – Original Poem


Time cast a spell on you
Preserving your ageless beauty

A shadow in my past; now the light of my future

I will never forget
The feelings
The pain of our goodbye
The sound of your tears
The crash of a broken heart shattered in the doorway as I fled

Scared and alone, I looked back only to see the mistakes I had made
Lost and alone I looked to the heavens for answers

Your womb empty
Scorched by lovers past
Caution is your only course
I was left on the side of the road, like others, on the passageway to your destiny

One day
Two roads became one
An angel, familiar but distant, walked from the darkness and into the light
Glowing from the metamorphosis of a rebirth


Our eyes met
Once again safe and warm
A leery embrace
A gingerly hug
Feeling like the first time all over again

“Hello” came off the tongue as I drowned in all memories flooding my brain

Your eyes soft and gentle
Laughter blessed by your tender purity

With a gentle brush of your hair, I remembered

It was you
It was you then and now

In others, I see you
In a song, I hear you
In a sunrise, I feel you

You are my guiding spirit
My moving force
My muse
Inspired to be alone
Desired to be held

Now, in you, I see a new beginning
Filled with promise and hope

In you, I envision my dreams and realities becoming one.

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