Letting Her Go – Original Poem


I miss the sun so much on these darkened days
I ache for one more touch
To feel that silky skin as my fingers explore each soft curve

Letting go is all I know
In the ocean, my final goodbye

A message in a bottle drifting with the current
Alone; abandoned; sailing far into the abyss

My devotion poured out in ink to be found by a stranger drifting along the coastal sands

Words of beauty
Words of devotion
Words of sacrifice
Words of regret

With my mistakes, I try to learn


Letting go is what I must do
Remove her from my dreams
Deny our future
Forget our past

My greatest sin is to let you slip away
I heard you every night though I am deaf to the sounds

In the wind, you speak
You forgive, but don’t look back

This bottle containing the remains of my heart floats
Further away from the chaos of civilization
Far from puzzles that plague us every day

With each wave, rising closer to the sun

Soon the words will find the eyes of another


Happy Buzz – Original Poem


A shot of this
A shot of that
My happy buzz
My silly place

Pour me another Miss Bartender
Make sure you top it with that secret smile

I feel like dancing
The bar is already moving to the beat

Pour me another
Cheers to you
Cheers to the stranger at the end of the bar
Cheers to me

Pour me another

That hit the spot
Warm down the throat
All my problems gone
The world is perfect


Pour me another
Make it sweet
Make it pure
Make it special just for me

You are the best Miss Bartender
You love me with every pour
Thank you for bringing me happiness

Pour me another

The Gift of a Newborn – Original Poem


Heaven parted the clouds and opened the majesty of the sun’s light
Welcoming an angel into our arms
The bells chime and the choirs sing
With your sparkling eyes and cherub smile, this gift rests cradled
Nestled and safe; warm and inviting

A Southern Gentleman to be with a tiny heart of gold
A family born from the hills and flat lands of this beautiful Carolina land

From the coast to the mountains, this precious child will see a world of wonder
Filled with adventure, he will soar beyond limitation


On this, the day of your birth, we are given an offering
You will stand as our legacy, firm and proud; brave and sure
A spiritual form with the power to bring good to others

With your fingers, you will touch others
With your words, you will inspire
With your eyes, you will see happiness

You are part of us now
The link forming this foundation of family

With love, we promise you a life of magic and curiosity

In your journey, you will experience compassion, pain, laughter, crying, acceptance and loss; but with each day our love for you will keep you safe for all your days

Tired – Original Poem


I’ve been tired for twelve years now
Since the last breath of the one that bore me

Tired of being alone
Tired of unanswered questions

Mentally worn

I can’t think anymore
A thousand screaming voices inside my head
Make it stop
Will the silence

All the conflict floating in guilt raging through my veins
My capacity for happiness has sunken into the depth of the ocean

Eternal silence is near
So soothing
The end of this journey


A long road filled with thorns and stones
Cutting me deep leaving drops of blood behind
Food for the predators hiding in the darkness

I hear them linger; breathing deeply

On my knees; eyes closed

I wait…..

Mom Dream – Original Poem


I had a dream last night.

One fueled by liquid comfort and protected between sheets of cotton and dormant time

A dream of happiness and sadness trapped in suspension.  Hovering above outside my reach, but lingering in hope, guilt, despair and soothing tranquility

There she was; so full of life

Working to prepare for the impending company. Busy and anxious.

Outside pods filled with my childhood.  Soon to be gone.  Soon, to be so distant, the fog will blind me from any remaining senses

I didn’t see it.  I didn’t realize it

My present and past found their way to each other acting out this play in my psyche.

I, on my knees, watched in confusion

Not until my eyes opened to the darkness of reality did I see

It was her goodbye.  I treated it with ill respect; with only my childish demeanor

I was a child; or was I an adult?


Was my dream fueled by memory or transference from my past to present?

Was I saying goodbye to my home, my mother, my childhood or innocence?

Was I opening the door to uncertainty?

I had a dream last night

I saw my mother

I smiled; now I reflect

A Whole New World – Original Poem


I had a dream last night
A dream filled with passion and hope
A world void of loneliness
A garden of endless flowers
A song of unconditional love

I felt this dream with warmth and comfort
Closer and closer with each step
In its ideal form; perfection
The perfect union of humanity and compassion

It is a fairy tale, written by realists, illustrated by dreamers and performed by artists
In the rivers, we bathed away darkness and cleansed in the light

It was a canvas of rainbow colors
So familiar; so close
So many treasures all around

Following this calypso road led by the sound of flutes from the trees and balloons hugging the clouds
I am led to a bridge with no foundation
In faith, I closed my eyes and found safety on the other side high above the harsh waters

Whispers turned to songs of glee
I was re-born at the right time
At this instant, all my childhood reverie now a reality
Filled with technicolor and glitter
Seeing a marvel of spectacular wonder


It is complete
This place, this time, this intuition
So deep in clarity; surrounded in mysticism
It can only be translated by an honorable heart

Its words clear
Eternity is the infinite tapestry of millions of instant moments purified by water blessed by the hands of creation

In my palm, I took this moment and let it penetrate through my porous skin, into these rushing veins to the nesting of my soul.