A Whole New World – Original Poem


I had a dream last night
A dream filled with passion and hope
A world void of loneliness
A garden of endless flowers
A song of unconditional love

I felt this dream with warmth and comfort
Closer and closer with each step
In its ideal form; perfection
The perfect union of humanity and compassion

It is a fairy tale, written by realists, illustrated by dreamers and performed by artists
In the rivers, we bathed away darkness and cleansed in the light

It was a canvas of rainbow colors
So familiar; so close
So many treasures all around

Following this calypso road led by the sound of flutes from the trees and balloons hugging the clouds
I am led to a bridge with no foundation
In faith, I closed my eyes and found safety on the other side high above the harsh waters

Whispers turned to songs of glee
I was re-born at the right time
At this instant, all my childhood reverie now a reality
Filled with technicolor and glitter
Seeing a marvel of spectacular wonder


It is complete
This place, this time, this intuition
So deep in clarity; surrounded in mysticism
It can only be translated by an honorable heart

Its words clear
Eternity is the infinite tapestry of millions of instant moments purified by water blessed by the hands of creation

In my palm, I took this moment and let it penetrate through my porous skin, into these rushing veins to the nesting of my soul.

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