The Gift of a Newborn – Original Poem


Heaven parted the clouds and opened the majesty of the sun’s light
Welcoming an angel into our arms
The bells chime and the choirs sing
With your sparkling eyes and cherub smile, this gift rests cradled
Nestled and safe; warm and inviting

A Southern Gentleman to be with a tiny heart of gold
A family born from the hills and flat lands of this beautiful Carolina land

From the coast to the mountains, this precious child will see a world of wonder
Filled with adventure, he will soar beyond limitation


On this, the day of your birth, we are given an offering
You will stand as our legacy, firm and proud; brave and sure
A spiritual form with the power to bring good to others

With your fingers, you will touch others
With your words, you will inspire
With your eyes, you will see happiness

You are part of us now
The link forming this foundation of family

With love, we promise you a life of magic and curiosity

In your journey, you will experience compassion, pain, laughter, crying, acceptance and loss; but with each day our love for you will keep you safe for all your days

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