Letting Her Go – Original Poem


I miss the sun so much on these darkened days
I ache for one more touch
To feel that silky skin as my fingers explore each soft curve

Letting go is all I know
In the ocean, my final goodbye

A message in a bottle drifting with the current
Alone; abandoned; sailing far into the abyss

My devotion poured out in ink to be found by a stranger drifting along the coastal sands

Words of beauty
Words of devotion
Words of sacrifice
Words of regret

With my mistakes, I try to learn


Letting go is what I must do
Remove her from my dreams
Deny our future
Forget our past

My greatest sin is to let you slip away
I heard you every night though I am deaf to the sounds

In the wind, you speak
You forgive, but don’t look back

This bottle containing the remains of my heart floats
Further away from the chaos of civilization
Far from puzzles that plague us every day

With each wave, rising closer to the sun

Soon the words will find the eyes of another

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