Foundation of Strength – Original Poem


There, across the room, cuddled warm and safe smiling
On the couch she sits
As I faced a new day, she was but a stranger

A foundation of strength
Timid and insecure
Innocent and fresh

Her beauty inside
To change the world in her eyes
A quest to unearth love for mankind

One smile at a time
One hug
One word

A stranger no more
In a serendipitous exchange, the stars aligned

A union formed
Built on hope and promise

A mutual tent of safety
A questioning of the heart

The day has ended
A new just begun

On this, the anniversary of her entrance to the wonder of life we witness a day of reflection
A time of risk
A rare sequence of actions that will change everything


Under the blood red moon, we lie
Looking to the darkness for answers
Waiting for our souls to script out the words that compliment feelings clouded

Clarity in insecurity is a gift waiting to be unwrapped


Sound of My Soul – Original Poem


Can you hear me?
My heart racing with emotional bliss
Powerful impulses sustaining the will of eternal refuge
A lifelong struggle to connect
With meaning; with definition; with faith

These words I sing to you are my opus
To all of you in search of the one
The one to wake you from your deep sleep
The one to influence your journey to greatness

Not the greatness found on monuments

Nor awarded with medals
The perfection of love from soul to another
Heaven isn’t share my millions
It is a place of honor and sanctuary
It can be tasted by the purest pallet
Only big enough for two


Can you hear my soul?
It’s harmony is in sync with the beat of your heart
When it sings, shivers race down your spine
You know
You have always known

In that workshop in the sky, we were built together
We shared the same craftsmanship

Now I sing to you so that I can warm you heart and rest your head on a pillow of clouds in our heavenly home

Tomorrow – Original Poem


I think about tomorrow

Often, my mind races with ideas and impulses manifested by the romanticism of the future
It is an unwritten script paved, yet untouched by journeyman
With each retiring moment, another awaits

Anxious, confident and fresh
Wet with desire
Fiery with passion

It is that instant when theory and probability turn the corner to reality
The imaginary set in our head becomes a tidal wave pouring out of the mental pool and emptying into the ocean of life

My body wet as warm waves crash into my chest and humble my existence
We are frail and petty
As one we possess a thirst for being and the strength of a thousand horses
We own the light in the soul

Small in stature, but infinite in possibility
To achieve is rewarded with legacy
Eternal reminders for generations to come

I think about tomorrow
I think; I dream

I fantasize about a world where love is the governance of all
Hands holding hands
Color is blind


With one hug then another until all eyes glow, all smiles shine and the sky and ocean become one force

I think about tomorrow
A lot

I think about tomorrow
With glee

I think about tomorrow
I close my eyes and smile; for I see wonder

Mama, Where are you? – Original Poem



Why did you leave me behind?

Alone in a sea of despair
Question unanswered
Dreams unfulfilled
Tranquility turned to chaos; vision to blindness

You raised me to believe in me
But never to accept me


Stern and safe
Warm and comforting
Dead and cold

I’m not mad
Not blue; nor sad

Deep in thought; mirrored in reflection

One last hug
One last sound

That is my wish



Why did you leave?
Stay a little longer
Sing me a lullaby
Promise me another Kiss

Tree – Original Poem

CLF - Olmstead Parks

You are a friend of mine
Naked and bare you stand
Facing Winter with courage
Shedding your coat as the final leaf plunges to the ground
Once nature’s high lord, now exposed

Winter of sorrow
Winter of grey
Winter of rest

No friends
No love to protect you from the loneliness of the snow and darkness

The tree lies alone
Birth; growth; death

Without movement
Without experience

Until spring brings new life
Once again, I will lie beneath you
A cool breeze, the warmth of literary prophets of the past and smile
A single leaf will fall on my shoulder like a warm hug