Tomorrow – Original Poem


I think about tomorrow

Often, my mind races with ideas and impulses manifested by the romanticism of the future
It is an unwritten script paved, yet untouched by journeyman
With each retiring moment, another awaits

Anxious, confident and fresh
Wet with desire
Fiery with passion

It is that instant when theory and probability turn the corner to reality
The imaginary set in our head becomes a tidal wave pouring out of the mental pool and emptying into the ocean of life

My body wet as warm waves crash into my chest and humble my existence
We are frail and petty
As one we possess a thirst for being and the strength of a thousand horses
We own the light in the soul

Small in stature, but infinite in possibility
To achieve is rewarded with legacy
Eternal reminders for generations to come

I think about tomorrow
I think; I dream

I fantasize about a world where love is the governance of all
Hands holding hands
Color is blind


With one hug then another until all eyes glow, all smiles shine and the sky and ocean become one force

I think about tomorrow
A lot

I think about tomorrow
With glee

I think about tomorrow
I close my eyes and smile; for I see wonder

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