Sound of My Soul – Original Poem


Can you hear me?
My heart racing with emotional bliss
Powerful impulses sustaining the will of eternal refuge
A lifelong struggle to connect
With meaning; with definition; with faith

These words I sing to you are my opus
To all of you in search of the one
The one to wake you from your deep sleep
The one to influence your journey to greatness

Not the greatness found on monuments

Nor awarded with medals
The perfection of love from soul to another
Heaven isn’t share my millions
It is a place of honor and sanctuary
It can be tasted by the purest pallet
Only big enough for two


Can you hear my soul?
It’s harmony is in sync with the beat of your heart
When it sings, shivers race down your spine
You know
You have always known

In that workshop in the sky, we were built together
We shared the same craftsmanship

Now I sing to you so that I can warm you heart and rest your head on a pillow of clouds in our heavenly home

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