Foundation of Strength – Original Poem


There, across the room, cuddled warm and safe smiling
On the couch she sits
As I faced a new day, she was but a stranger

A foundation of strength
Timid and insecure
Innocent and fresh

Her beauty inside
To change the world in her eyes
A quest to unearth love for mankind

One smile at a time
One hug
One word

A stranger no more
In a serendipitous exchange, the stars aligned

A union formed
Built on hope and promise

A mutual tent of safety
A questioning of the heart

The day has ended
A new just begun

On this, the anniversary of her entrance to the wonder of life we witness a day of reflection
A time of risk
A rare sequence of actions that will change everything


Under the blood red moon, we lie
Looking to the darkness for answers
Waiting for our souls to script out the words that compliment feelings clouded

Clarity in insecurity is a gift waiting to be unwrapped

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