Haiku Encounters – Original Poems


Exploring eyes found
A sunset through a defect
Like children again

Heaven holds no place
My home is right here with you
You are my daylight

Surrender to me
Two birds under a big sky
Warm and safe resting

I grasp for REM, lost
Dreaming of a spotless mind
You are my midnight

I dance, twirl and splash
You make this water warmer
Exalted by you

My dawn awakens
Coffee fresh aroma smell
Breathlessly, we touch

My heart stops beating
The Doctor is in the house
My life is now saved

London bridge fallen
Carolina heat melts her
Montauk solitude

I’m lost without you
The missing link to my heart
A glass on the roof


Peacefully I lie
Sleep me away in your dreams
With this breath I do

In my frontal lobe
We are blissful, together
Exploring frontiers

You have been erased
Now and thirty five times more
Immunity wanes

Wrist in strut, bruised, cold
Static line, 10 foot behind
You, still in my mind

Thinking hurts right now
Pain is my only reward
Someday peace at rest

A flash from heaven
I’m staring at perfection
Making dreams come true

You are hope and grace
A world with meaning awaits
Time stops with your touch


Make this real for us
Dance with me in the moonlight
This fantasy lives

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