Red Rain – Original Poem


Coming down on me
Refreshing sin
Wet penetrating pleasure from the Ruler of Darkness
The blood of one sacrifice quenching the thirst of desire
A taste of heavenly nectar dripping from her mouth corrupting my body with her temptation

I dance in this open field as the thorns cut my skin
Red rain falls upon my head

This storm pulsating from heaven
Clouds open up and release its power

I feel her coating every inch of my body
Clothes dissolving
Skin exposed


The dance continues
Vines wrap around my legs clenching
Slowly pulled to the ground
A slave now
She has me captive under her sky
The ground opens, unveiling a fiery pit so familiar

There she smiles
From her knees she licks the red rain from my body
Tasting her potential
Strengthening her foundation of eternal damnation housed in lust

Red rain falls
Deeper, I penetrate into the core
The warm tingles
I close my eyes as the red rain soothes

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