Haiku Encounters – The Saga Continues (Original Poems)


The waves will disperse
Red petals on the harbor
Gone from sight, soon

Perfect garden sky
Radiance on our faces
My soul rests on yours

I feel her soft voice
The sun set without your near
Two heartbeats are one

Pancakes are yummy
Fluffy hot and delicious
I want some syrup

From this moment on
I devote my life you
One and one makes two

I reach but silence
Your poem still tricks my heart
The kite flies away

I did not leave you
Close your eyes and feel my breath
Beside you I stand

A beam of light shines
The feel of her close lingers
Last night our souls touched


Sundial, marks the time
Twenty-nine hours since you
Were mine no longer

Next time I see you
It will be with frank distance
From across a room

My flesh has cooled down
Still remember your taste
Fingers laced with mine

We part, my dear friend
Again, only in my dreams
This is the sad end

Kiss away the fears
Drink a toast to innocence
Imagine, believe

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