Stay With Me – Original Poem

lost love

Stay with me
Let’s just be

Fly away to another place; another time
Disappear in my dreams and we will sail these rocky waters to a land filled with flowers and time

Hold my hand
Pledge in trust
This bond sealed in blood for us to see

Take away my vision; I will see you
Take away my smell; I will sense your aroma
Take away my touch; I will feel your heartbeat

In the darkness I sense your journey
Blinded by the silence in the still of the night, our bodies embrace in a tapestry of inconvenience
Life, our enemy
Firing shots of reality to make us bleed
Still we breathe

Fighting for this need
I want you
For I am the fool in this masquerade

Behind the mask, I cry for the happiness I feel right now
Understanding this life we lead must come to a point of decision

lost love2

The future, a great unknown
Hints of a tomorrow that yearns in the bellows of our soul

So far away, I feel your thoughts
Ravaged in confusion
Showered in euphoria

To my knees I pray

The sun will rise

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