Snapshots in Time – Original Poem


Are these times contagious?
Is this what we are waiting for or an addiction growing like an infectious virus
Spreading through the air with each spoken word

If we try to forget, we will only remember in regret
But now, in the grandness of life, we must break the barriers of conformity
Society is stunted by ants marching; one direction, no destination

Behind the stories
Hidden in the milestones
There are snapshots in time
Moments defined by simplicity and love

Within each of us rests a treasure
Not of coins and wealth
But inspiration, hope, faith, compassion and kindness

That cry as we say goodbye
That embrace when love finds a second chance
The night under the stars with only the sound of waves crashing and our beating hearts as one

These moments
Each one permanently stored until we are in need of the spirit to forge ahead

Sometimes we collide and harmoniously express a feeling shared
In one serendipitous chain of events, our lives change forever

Blessed and cursed with decisions that will affect the course of life


Each one singular
Vital to a foundation that continues to grow

Our being is magical
Our existence a gift

A gift to be cherished and used for a greater good
Look not to the devil inside
He is powerful; he is respected
He is in his place
The force that is compelling and holds the key for emotional fortitude is the conviction of hope

Embrace with all your might these few seconds that you know will define you for all time

Listen and you will hear the answers echo in the wind

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