Born to Love You – Original Poem


Flesh to flesh
Bone to bone
You strip me down to my most vulnerable
My words are weak in your presence
To stay the night is the greatest reward, yet we have touched all my life

You raise my hopes with your careless whispers
Innocent and sweet
Filling the pool with insight
Swimming for the ledge, I absorb your wisdom

Every breath from your mouth reminds me I cannot fail
Ambition and love find a home in your nest
Fulfilling your fantasy is my destiny
A mission; a promise
Together we will see the world through the eyes of our childhood dreams

I have never been alone
I have known you were there
Sensing your footsteps in the distance
Waiting for a moment of perfect fate
Scripted by angels long ago
Waiting on a shelf until our chapter is called


I was born to love you
Our hearts beating as one
When you cried, I cried
When you smiled, I rejoiced
When you imagined under the dark sky, you were not without companion

Each day one step closer to you
In an explosion of big bang proportions, two bubbles burst to form one eternal embrace

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