Pure Bay – Original Poem


Buried under our sins is a path to forgiveness
Someday we must go to a place basked in the unknown
I am not afraid
Fear has left me

I studied every line of your face
Now I am safe

I know when I pen my final word, I gave all the love I had for you
You blessed my world with laughter
Enriched my being with unconditional acceptance

Braved life’s storm so I may remain safe
Inside this womb, I smell your scent

Rhythms of life’s wonder beat all around
Running toward you as the clock ticks in my head
Stumbling along the way
Screams from my past on each side
Keep moving
Don’t look back
The pendant falls; your smile looking up at me
I kneel down; pick you up and press you against my heart
Destination clear


One last time to touch you
Run my fingers through your silky hair
Wake me from this trance before I pass into the night leaving nothing but a shadow

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