Take This Fool – Original Poem


Agree to spend the rest of your life with this fool and this fool will spend every breathing day ensuring you will not live in regret
Swimming in a pool of my own mistakes, I see faces on the ledge laughing as the misfortune that has guided my life

In time, my life for you with pass the test

It is in you, I have always loved
It is your voice that soothed me before you uttered a word

Every dream ends in your arms
Acts deemed ludicrous were absurdly ridiculous enough for you to understand
My call for love screamed inside my body and you finally released it

My crime of fueling the world with happiness and rare glimpses of love is my fatality
Crashing on the bottle
Waking each sunrise with the promise of change

New cities
New faces
Mission remains

You entered my temple; destroyed and withered
Clearing the debris to find my frail body
Cut and scratched from the emotional scars


Lifting me until our eyes met
Heat exchanged
Energy flow through our bodies

It was you
It was always you

This, my letter to you is simple
Take this fool
Damaged from a life on the road
Settled now, nestled safely in your womb

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