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Poet’s Inspiration – Original Poem


I want us to be the ones poets write about
Documented for generations to come
Dreamers will dream of our journey
Those lost will find direction from our story

A legacy transcending time
Beginning with hope
Finding peace
Culminating in love
A perfect verse

On this bench, our story will formulate
Feelings to words
Words to promises
Promises to eternal unification

To be part of this story with you is my inspiration
A source of energy with each kiss
A welcomed sunrise after a long rainfall

You are the color in the rainbow
The beautiful song of hummingbirds

I will catch your tears when you cry
I will cover you in the haunted chill of the winter
In the darkness of the past, I see the light in your eyes guiding me to my future


You saw in me what I could not see through the reflection in my mirror
Through the rough edges of life, you were my pillow
Resting in your bed
Seeing the world as you see it

With purity and splendor
It is a world of supernatural enchantment
A forest of flowers and trees
A garden all ours hidden for us

Here we will shower each other with kisses and write love letters only heard by the ears of two

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First Kiss – Original Poem


I want to see you cry
I want to feel your tears
Hold on to this feeling
Is finding happiness what you fear?

Believe in a new tomorrow for your youth is still near
Remember to believe in yourself and the promises you left on the playground
Remember those dreams hanging off the stars
Hold on to that feeling

Feel the pain of laughter
Cry until the tears form a smile
Look at the trust inside my eyes

Know it in the first kiss
Tears of yesterday wet the lips of love for tomorrow

Hold on to that feeling
Let me be your first
To love you with all you deserve
Let me be the first to place the slipper on your delicate foot
To watch you become the princess

Let me watch over your kingdom for all your days
To shower you with fragrances of nature’s bounty
The sun will shine its warmth upon you

Hold on to that feeling
Each day a first kiss


The Legend of Edgar Allan Poe and a love in Charleston left unfulfilled – Annabel Lee

The legend, the poem and the theme of eternal love loudly in this piece.

Charleston Daily


Annabel Lee, by Edgar Allan Poe was the last complete poem ever published of Poe, two days after his death in 1849. The beauty and elegance of the poem, with its theme of eternal love, reaches deep into the depths of Charleston folklore. Delving into the mystique of the supernatural, the romanticism of the city and the love affair between a rich young girl and the orator/soldier who was swept away by her beauty and intelligence, this is a tale that needs to be shared from generation to generation.

Poem: Annabel Lee
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Published: October 9, 1849
Poe Death: October 7, 1849

Annabel Lee

It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of Annabel Lee;
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and…

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The Necklace – Original Poem


The memory of her father, once around her neck, now looked upon by another

In his hands, her heart, her legacy, her past
The simplicity of silver; the complexity of a past that remains

Does he hold the key to unlock a new beginning?
Will he make her demons go away?

As he holds on tight, sending her messages through his soul, pulses race

A romantic gesture from a girl who lost her way
Buried deep behind the cobwebs, a playful dreamer planning a fairy tale life skipping down a cobblestone road of roses and daisies

A rebirth has been injected into the bloodstream
Banners fly high, announcing the return of the poetically charged princess who has found new meaning

This necklace
Heart within a heart
Joint union of hope
Powerful notice of love

Drunk on the promise of a new sunrise
Uninhibited now
Yearning for that next kiss
Filled with the sweet honey of passion


Thoughts of the man who read her to sleep and kissed her on the forehead
The protector, the giver, the generous heart

Now she has another
One to offer a shoulder to cry on; tell a story to help rest her weary eyes; provide a home

The necklace rests on the mantle next to a picture of two loves sewed together by the hands of celestial beings

We Are Worth It – Original Poem


I won’t give up on us

It was always you

For years, a wanderer, traveling down the tracks of time
Acknowledging strangers with a soft nod and smile
Footsteps watched away with each passing storm

A new town
A new home
A driving force to move on

In dark windows, her silhouette
In the stillness, her voice
Breathing gets hard as I reach higher

Empty hearts left behind
Reminders in letters written
Promises made
Promises broken
Never meant to be

It was always you

I met you before; a million times
Alone at the bar
Crying in the corner
Passing me on the street
Swimming in the ocean; running through the plains

It was always you

Why didn’t I find you sooner?
What is the master plan in the depths of the cosmos?


I have crossed the dessert for 40 days and nights
Without water; without direction; without an understanding
Each mirage wasted as the flow of imagination drained from my body

I moved on

It was always you

In my state of complete vulnerability, you lifted me up to the clouds

In your eyes, I saw our future
It was always you

Morning – Original Poem


Soft gentle kisses of innocence under the blue satin sheets
The warm embrace of water pulsating down on our bodies
Tears of happiness flow as bodies pressed to the porcelain wall continue their journey of exploration

For all eternity
If I could choose the moment to be repeated over and over
It would be this
Enchanting and pure
Intertwined and saturated in fate

Under dark skies, you were the guiding light
With each heartbeat
Trembling in my arms
Drowning slowly in the tears of time moving to fast
Running away from an inevitable end

Scent of sandalwood burning brings us back

The bench
The champagne
The dance
The kisses

Naked to our hearts
Clothed and hidden from the world

An inspiration; so taboo


Your hands heal as they caress my back
Protected in this darkness
Soon to see the light

The morning has exposed us
One more minute in your arms
One last kiss on your cheek

The warmth of the water fades
Hold on