Morning – Original Poem


Soft gentle kisses of innocence under the blue satin sheets
The warm embrace of water pulsating down on our bodies
Tears of happiness flow as bodies pressed to the porcelain wall continue their journey of exploration

For all eternity
If I could choose the moment to be repeated over and over
It would be this
Enchanting and pure
Intertwined and saturated in fate

Under dark skies, you were the guiding light
With each heartbeat
Trembling in my arms
Drowning slowly in the tears of time moving to fast
Running away from an inevitable end

Scent of sandalwood burning brings us back

The bench
The champagne
The dance
The kisses

Naked to our hearts
Clothed and hidden from the world

An inspiration; so taboo


Your hands heal as they caress my back
Protected in this darkness
Soon to see the light

The morning has exposed us
One more minute in your arms
One last kiss on your cheek

The warmth of the water fades
Hold on

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