We Are Worth It – Original Poem


I won’t give up on us

It was always you

For years, a wanderer, traveling down the tracks of time
Acknowledging strangers with a soft nod and smile
Footsteps watched away with each passing storm

A new town
A new home
A driving force to move on

In dark windows, her silhouette
In the stillness, her voice
Breathing gets hard as I reach higher

Empty hearts left behind
Reminders in letters written
Promises made
Promises broken
Never meant to be

It was always you

I met you before; a million times
Alone at the bar
Crying in the corner
Passing me on the street
Swimming in the ocean; running through the plains

It was always you

Why didn’t I find you sooner?
What is the master plan in the depths of the cosmos?


I have crossed the dessert for 40 days and nights
Without water; without direction; without an understanding
Each mirage wasted as the flow of imagination drained from my body

I moved on

It was always you

In my state of complete vulnerability, you lifted me up to the clouds

In your eyes, I saw our future
It was always you

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