Poet’s Inspiration – Original Poem


I want us to be the ones poets write about
Documented for generations to come
Dreamers will dream of our journey
Those lost will find direction from our story

A legacy transcending time
Beginning with hope
Finding peace
Culminating in love
A perfect verse

On this bench, our story will formulate
Feelings to words
Words to promises
Promises to eternal unification

To be part of this story with you is my inspiration
A source of energy with each kiss
A welcomed sunrise after a long rainfall

You are the color in the rainbow
The beautiful song of hummingbirds

I will catch your tears when you cry
I will cover you in the haunted chill of the winter
In the darkness of the past, I see the light in your eyes guiding me to my future


You saw in me what I could not see through the reflection in my mirror
Through the rough edges of life, you were my pillow
Resting in your bed
Seeing the world as you see it

With purity and splendor
It is a world of supernatural enchantment
A forest of flowers and trees
A garden all ours hidden for us

Here we will shower each other with kisses and write love letters only heard by the ears of two

Audio – http://www.spreaker.com/user/7504265/poets-inspiration-original-poem

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