Love and Scrabble – Original Poem


As our eyes met across the table, I could see the focus in her eyes.
Her soul opening up to accept my heart
The mind deep in thought for the next move

Ten points, a small win
Twenty points, a double word score
Thirty points, a triple

The competition becomes fierce
Two warriors in the gladiator pit
Raising the bar of anticipation
She awaits my strategic placement

Blowing a kiss across the mahogany guard
A distraction
A sneaky ploy
Well played with those subtle loins of seduction

Back on track
A brilliant placement
Six letters, two words, a grand achievement

She winks
Is that a hint of an impending torpedo?
Or a cunning maneuver


Thirteen points
Not a word, but accepted

Love You reads across the board
Leaning over she kisses my lips, whispers those three words and I melt
Melt into her fantasy

The game continues
Two lovers
Minds at war
Bodies at peace

Love and Scrabble

Audio –

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