You Will Never Be On Your Own – Original Poem with Audio


As long as the water crashes on the shore, I will be there for you
From the highest mountain, I will reach to Heaven and pray for your safety
In the depths of the ocean bottom, the chains will not keep me down
The power of your love will lead me into your arms

Wherever you lie your head, home you will be
No walls
No roof
Just the protection of the Earth and my promise

You will never be lost again
Without direction
Without the light of the harbor tower

I can hear your heart so clearly in the darkness
Each beat, a symbol of life and its needs for compassion

Fueled by the pause in time when our minds reach infinite clarity

Waking up
Waking up


With these wings, I will take you away
Above the clouds
Away from the chaos
Pouring rain below
Sun above
Perfection in purgatory
Far away we will go
Around the world, seeing all the magic
We will be one exploring the world like voyagers of yesteryear

One mile
One hundred miles
The further we will go, with only the shirts on our back, home we will be

Each night, one sky
Away we go
Never on your own

Forever you will remain with me

Audio –

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