Crying – Original Poem with Audio


I’ve been crying lately
Over the senseless deaths
Screaming for peace and only finding war
The blue eyes of babies never to see again
The nourishing milk of mothers runs dry
The well of water frozen
The dreams of a future black

Minds erased by impossibility

Why am I crying?
So far away, their ruins remain

Never spoke a word
Never shared a smile
Never showed compassion for their breath
Now they breathe no more

Victims of another man’s war
Can a compassionate omnipotent father allow this piercing pain?
Hundreds of our Earth’s children silenced in an instant

Why am I crying?
Can this be tears of hope or acceptance of defeat


Shattered and broken
As the smoke clears, questions answered
Fingers pointed
Lives lost
Sharp edges remain; blood dripping from the ashes

A sight not to be witnessed; yet we cannot turn away

Why am I crying?
I cry, because they no longer can

Audio –

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