Quicksand – Original Poem


Your love is like quicksand
Slowly I sink into you
Deeper and deeper
As I take my final breath above these organic grains, I pray
Transcendence to another world
A great unknown
A magnificent sensation of fear

The quicksand covers my skin
Suffocating my pores; releasing my restriction

I can taste you
A nectar of honey coats my lips
A wild awareness of conscious sustainability

I can hear you speak of forever as the quicksand enters my ears with echos
Deeper I slip away from this world
Closer to this unexplored terrain

Your body, a beach
Your soul, heaven
Your promise, an emancipation

I cannot breathe now
Quicksand above my head


I am comforted
Relaxed in a peaceful state of solitary warmth
The aura of your arms wrapped around me
Like no other
A tingling
A pleasure

My world is gone now
No trees, no flowers, no birds
No air

Eyes closed
I dream

A flame ignites
I awaken to your smile
I am safe
I have found my love


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