Time Travelers Letter to You

time1Dear Present Day Human,

This is a letter from the future to you today. I recently spent some time observing your behavior, interests and patterns of action to understand what went wrong. Let me jump right to the punchline. We are all screwed. At least those that are still human. We still account for 44% of the intelligence beings on this planet, but that number is dwindling. Back to the conversation at hand. What did you all do? Maybe the better question is, what did all not do?

After the last few weeks living among you, I have come to several conclusions:

  • Corn dogs are amazing.  Holy crap are they good.  You all should have like a corn dog eating contest and send the winner on an all expense paid trip to the Lamix Galaxy.  Wait, do you even know where that galaxy system is?  Anyway.
  • That Big Bang Theory is pretty spot on.  Geeks are the sexy ones now.  In high school, I was going to go to the dance with the most beautiful human and then I got a C on my lunar algorithm and advanced space measurement exam and she went will Xanbert.
  • I don’t understand your fear of spiders.  If you saw the size of them now….Moving on.
  • Money is cool.  We don’t have money anymore.  During the last equalizer period.  I believe you all would call that the apocalypse, all social status was destroyed and we had to rebuild from scratch.  Women took the helm because the men had their heads up their arses.  It seems that whole MMA spun off this death cage sports phenomenon which became our form of justice.  The male population slowly dwindled away.  We were pretty much there for sperm in the end.  We are starting to repopulate again though, but we don’t have much control.
  • How do you not see the signs people!  This thing you call social media where anyone can say anything and 10 seconds later it is meaningless.  It is killing you.  All of you.  You don’t know how to feel anymore and this is just the beginning.  Emotions are now something you read about in history books.  When a person says they are depressed, ignoring them is a bad idea.  When a singer talks of rape and killing, you should probably get them help.  Instead of hiding behind those mini electronic things, you may want to start feeling again.  I am not supposed to change history, but if I nudge it along in a better direction, who is to complain.  It sucks in the future.
  • Fast food.  I’ll make it simple.  If you can eat something that is 600 calories and 70 grams of fat in 2 minutes.  Let me make sure I add this up right.  You can eat 18,000 calories and 2100 grams of fat in one hour.  That would be 432,000 calories and 50,400 grams of fat in 24 hours.  I did have to use my brain chip number import device for help.  That is a very very bad.  Let me repeat.  Very very bad.
  • Have more sex.  I don’t know what it is, but it looks insanely awesome.
  • What is the deal with drug use.  Do you even know what you are taking about anymore.  It seems like it would make sense if it made you feel good or healed you, but it seems like if it looks like a pill or in a needle, then its cool to do.  Still don’t get it.  I am not even going to try.
  • The religious wars ended about 300 years from now.  I hate to give you a spoiler, but no one won.  Turns out we were all wrong.  I think the final tally was 5.5 billion killed and one goat.
  • Love your parents.  In a couple of hundreds years, your parents will look something like a test tube.
  • See the world.  We’re gonna destroy it all soon.  Seriously, gone.  All of it.  Pyramids, Grand Canyon, Mayan Temples, Towers, Miley Cyrus, all of it.
  • I saw that show Futurama.  It’s true.  So spot on.  So when you are close to dying, make sure you have a good haircut and moisturize your skin.

Here is the deal:


I see people dying all around in wars, suicide and gangs.  Children and families killed for nonsense reasons.  Senseless death.  We live a long time now because half of our body is mechanical and we are a little numb in the caring department, but we still have some of the things you call emotions.  I have watched those people that tell stories of war instead of helping stop it.  Oh, yes, the news people.

All I notice is people sending messages about how bad it is or how sad they are, but there isn’t any compassion or action to help.  I look at many of you and I see myself.  I don’t like that very much.  I don’t like that at all.

I was born into this.  I was conceived in a lab, mixing body parts and metal to create what I am today.  I have searched through many dimensions to find the point where it all changed.

I’m finally here.  I finally found the moment where compassion began to die.  I don’t know how to stop it.  This is the first time that I’m lost in my journey.

I can’t tell you how to live.  To you, I am just another person among you in a crowd.  A passing face, a nameless being.  I will say this as my parting words:  Think about the future you want for yourself and your children.  If you see what I see everyday, I don’t think you want that future.

As I enter through my time corridor and return, I will go back with what you call “optimism and hope” when I return, things are different.  Things are better.


Sam (Zerbling)





For a Little While – Original Poem


I wanna see you smile
I want to make you laugh
I want to touch your lips
For a little while

I want to be by your side and discover paradise
To soak in the smell of life’s fruit
To bask in the eternal pool of our oceans

For a little while

To feel the warmth of the sun’s glow
To lie in a bed of sunflowers
You are my garden
For a little while

We are here for a little while
Guests of the magical forest
Sharing its graces with all of the heavenly angels

To see this world through your eyes and know there is good
To hold a stranger for a moment while they believe once again
To remind the lonely they are not alone
To turn disaster into triumph
For a little while

Keep you warm in winter
Soothed in summer
Rolling in a pile of leaves decorated in the colors of the rainbow
Making snow angels as the flakes evaporate onto our faces
For a little while


You saved me
With each wink of the eye
You always knew

In my last breath
I will utter these words and promise you this
I will stay with you for a little while

All I Need – Original Poem


All I need
Is my true companion
The air that I breathe
A daily reminder of the love you bring

All I need is you
From the summer to the fall
Winter to spring

Rain will fall
Flowers will grow
Snow will glisten
Birds will fly

Time will pass like a warm evening breeze
Each smile a wrinkle placed strategically in the museum of your beauty
Housed under the temple of your skin
Forever encased for each passing visitor in need of a human touch
There you will be

All I need is you

You make me pure
Like the honey dripping off the petal to the tip of my tongue

I burn for you
A fire rages inside of me
Fuel by the deepest of human desire

Making love is everything
The collision of mind fortified by an eternal promise

You made me learn to laugh
Allowed me to cry
Found a resting place between happiness and sadness

Forgetting life’s problems through acceptance
You made a kingdom for the two of us


All I need is you
I turn to you as you walk away, soothed by your shadow
Counting time through the grains of the hourglass until we touch again

I’m missing you
Missing you with the good pain I feel inside

All I need is you

Confessions of a Homeless Man – Original Poem


Confessions of a homeless man
A soul without a body to call home
Isolated and alone
Surrounded by the chaos of a million voices shouting at once

Undressed and naked
I stand before all of you
Exposed to your words

You torture me with your mental rocks and stones
Pillaged and worn I stand tall
Weakened by the scars; strengthened by the will

In the center I stand
Dirty and tainted
The crowd edges closer to my bare feet
Smaller and smaller the space between
Claustrophic dreams racing through my scattered head

The screaming is piercing now
Ears bleeding from the high pitched flow
Dripping down my chin soaking my face with my life’s blood

Closer and closer
The footsteps deafening
I cannot hide behind this invisible shield any longer
I close my eyes and wait

Inevitability has drawn the sword

Between Sand and Stones – Original Poem


Between sand and stones I’ll find my way back to you
In the darkness and light I will brave my wounded soul to find you
Hand in hand we will runaway

You were right

In my humbled state along these sharp edges, I look to the stars to light my journey
Time destroyed our bond
Left us alone and listless
Glue melted away by this war of hatred destroying the sentiment of devotion
Weakness is killing

The heat of the devils hypnosis lulled us
Deeper we fell
Further away we slipped away

Finally awakened
Lost; deserted
Without direction, without a compass to guide my way
No lantern to brighten this murkiness I have sunk into


I will find the road paved for you and I
Until I am on all fours crawling to your knees I will fight

When I look up into your eyes filled with glee and see the empty cup filled with tears of joy, I will know
I will know destiny has tricked the devil and forever I will look to the sun and find light in your arms

This Old Porch – Original Poem with Audio


This old porch sits high above the ragged old grass
Brown and green with patches of life remaining
Sitting on this rocking chair soothed by the creeks grooving into the wooden base

This old porch has a lifetime of memories under each two by four
A spider weaving its web in the corner content with his place
Birds sing each morning to this weary man rested high on his throne

With an audience of one, they rejoice
Never missing a performance
Blessed with coffee and the grace of a morning breath

This old porch faded in brown
Once beautiful and new
The foundation of a home
The gateway to a new life

Up the stairs to this covered sanctuary
An escape from the rain
Shelter from life’s storm


This old porch remains
A foundation for these weak legs
Knees shaking
Nails peaking through the base

Sun settling now
Rich rustic vision in the sky

From this old porch, the lights dim and the show begins

Cats settle on the steps
Mystified by the light
Clouds rolling in and resting above

Worn hands rest on the handle
A life labored proud and pure
Wrinkles compliment the tattered mahogany
Faded glory

Medals of valor of wars long since retired
Coal mines lined with tears
Path paved
Mouths fed
A life fulfilled

Another day on this old porch

Audio: http://www.spreaker.com/user/7504265/this-old-porch-original-poem_1

This Ledge – Original Poem


Between the lines of right and wrong I stand
Misguided by the principals of childhood written in crayon void of prejudice
A rainbow of acceptance
Running around the laughter
Chasing the ghosts of fear away in the arms of our mothers

Fantasy was our world of mystery, never to enter our fortress of reality

No death
Transference to another day
New and refreshed

On this ledge I stand now
Long way down
Only seconds stand between now and eternity
Weakness penetrates the knees
A shiver sends chills as I carelessly reach for the clouds

Voices below, faceless, nameless
They call to me
Sympathies from strangers
Perhaps it is redemption they seek
In their cries, forgiveness will be written on their eternal stones

To my left I see myself in the mirror as a boy
Proud and free
Hope was a halo above

Time passed
The fortress was broken
Pain penetrated

I fought off the darkness
Only looking to the light

On this ledge I stand
A decision
Selfish and righteous


My path is easy

To my right, my present
Many faces, so few I recognize but I know them all
They will wake up tomorrow in this reality
They will feel
They will hurt living with this action acted out in my mind

On this ledge I stand
Sun setting, perhaps for one last time
Dusk takes over the sky

I look out to a world endless and undiscovered

I wait…
I hear my heartbeat